donderdag 3 februari 2011

Knight Errant tactics

White plays and win.
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5 opmerkingen:

  1. Lots of pleasant options for white, both checks and silent preparing moves win without much trouble. The gist of the game has been decided in white's favour a couple of moves before this point.

  2. You are right, the game was over at move 11. I first secured my supremacy on the queen’ side. This position was reached after move 37. Now it was time to launched a blitzkrieg, the variations are forced.

  3. Ik wil de partij wel helemaal zien, kan je de partij naar mij mailen?

    Gr. Marcel

  4. That is a killer knight outpost. I think play could start with Nxe5 opening the position. followed by a discovered check .

  5. Dear Takchess,

    A good suggestion. The motives in this position are 1. bad position of the king 2. discovered attack 3. Pin 4. Removal of a defender
    The combination begins with Nxe7 Kxe7(removal of a defender). Notice the position of the white Queen and Rook! White will launch a blitzkrieg!